During the Forum

The Global Forum is arranged for you to "Meet Tokyo" on Saturday afternoon.  Five vibrant options have been established to give you an insider`s look at this unique and beautiful city.  Space is limited, so please sign up at the Wharton Booth onsite in Tokyo, located in the Sponsor Expo area on the 4th Floor at the Palace Hotel! 

Costs are included in Registration fees for anyone who selects Full Forum or Full Forum Saturday Only

Tokyo Sky Tree

The height of the TOKYO SKYTREE was originally specified at approximately 610m in the original project. However, it was planned from the beginning to be the world`s tallest free-standing broadcasting tower. After careful discussion and research on high-rise buildings that are being built around the world, it was finally decided on 634m, to become the tallest free-standing broadcasting tower in the world. Thus, the 634m-high TOKYO SKYTREE was recognized by the Guinness World Records on November 17, 2011 as the tallest tower in the world.

Heart of Japan and Nihonbashi Walk

The Nihonbashi bridge served as the starting point of the five Gokaido roads that stretched through each region of Japan and as a center of water transport and trade. People, things, and excitement ... everything came from across this bridge, and it continues to thrive as Japan`s center of commerce and economy. In this urban district, many famous long-standing shops still stand proudly today. There are many restaurants that serve Japanese traditional cuisine "Sushi, Soba, Tempura."

With "Master of NIHONBASHI" you will get to know local delicacies with folklore stories.You can learn how to eat Sushi and Sobain `the stylish local way.`

T-Shirt Workshop at KUME Co.,Ltd.

The garment industry in Japan has been in a long term declining trend, facing fierce foreign competition. This tour will make a visit to KUME Co., Ltd., (a T-shirt manufacturer in Tokyo). A lecture will be given by Mr. Kume, producer, followed by a workshop printing your own original T-shirt.

Panasonic Living Showroom tour & Hot Spring (Onsen) Experience

Ooedo-Onsen-Monogatari, located in the popular Daiba area, opened in 2003 as Tokyo`s first and only onsen (hot springs) theme park. Inside the building, constructed in traditional Japanese style, there are baths fed by natural hot springs pumped from 1,400 meters underground, open-air baths perfect for enjoying fine weather or starry night skies, a foot bath set in a large Japanese-style garden, and plenty of other bathing facilities. There is also a re-creation of a traditional street from the days when Tokyo was called Edo to offer visitors an authentic onsen experience that is sure to be one of the highlights of their trip to Japan.


Experience Japan at the Palace Hotel

See, feel, do, and taste Japan, all at one stop! Participants of this ambitious program will experience flower arrangement, tea ceremony, making Japanese confectionary, and sake tasting, all at the Palace Hotel.

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